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Treating Hyperhidrosis or Excess Sweating

Have you ever sweat through your shirt the day of a big presentation? Been embarrassed during a handshake because of your clammy hands? Finished a day with damp, smelly socks? Chances are if you’ve nodded your head along with reading any of those questions you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis or excess sweating.

Many medical conditions such as gout, diabetes or menopause can cause excess sweating; however, the condition may also happen spontaneously. Hyperhidrosis affects both men and women of all ages and races.

So, what to do if you have been suffering from the embarrassment of hyperhidrosis? There are numerous treatment options available, all of which your dermatology provider can safely prescribe after the diagnosis of hyperhidrosis. Some common treatments include:

  • antiperspirant medications,
  • miraDry® – which uses electric current to shut down the treated sweat glands,
  • BOTOX® – which blocks the chemical signaling in the body to produce sweat,
  • and oral medications which prevent the sweat glands from over-producing oil.

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