Hydrate Exfoliate, Brighten, Purify, and More in Edina, Plymouth, and Downtown Minneapolis

Looking good and feeling good can go hand in hand at Zel Skin & Laser Specialists, where we provide custom facials for Minneapolis-area women and men who want to take a little time for themselves. Each custom facial is designed with specific results in mind, working to address dry or dull skin, improve texture, detoxify, or handle several common skin complaints at once.

All custom facials at Zel Skin & Laser start with a gentle cleanse, followed by a thorough skin analysis. Our estheticians then customize your experience with a double cleanse, exfoliation under steam, and extractions. Our providers add a relaxing touch with a shoulder massage while the appropriate mask is resting on your skin.

Hydrating Custom Facial

This treatment involves a 10-minute mask designed to improve moisture in the skin. The formula includes hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar known for its ability to hold onto many times its own weight in water molecules. It also includes botanical extracts that support overall skin health. The result is smoother and plumper skin, with less noticeable wrinkles and lines. The formula provides lasting hydrating benefits.

Brightening Custom Facial

The mask is left on for 10 minutes for this facial, which uses fruit enzymes to make the skin visibly brighter and smoother. The ingredients were chosen specifically for their ability to support overall skin health, resulting in a vibrancy and softness in addition to the brightening effect.

Multi-Tasking Custom Facial

Sometimes, you want more than one result. If you need hydration and exfoliation, brightening and a deep clean, or any combination of treatments for different parts of your skin, know that these facials are called “custom” for a reason! Enjoy a mix of deep-cleaning, brightening, hydrating, and exfoliating ingredients where you want them most. Our experienced estheticians can help you determine which areas of your skin will best benefit from 10-minute mask sessions.

After a Custom Facial

After any facial, the treated skin should be protected with sunscreen of an appropriate SPF. We can also suggest products for at-home skincare regimens, chosen for their ability to maintain the custom facial’s results. We want you to be able to enjoy lasting results!