Spider Veins

Address Visible Vessels in Edina, Plymouth, and Downtown Minneapolis

As laser specialists, our team has considerable experience in reducing facial redness, including coloration due to the appearance of small blood vessels. These small, web-like vessels may be part of a more general problem of flushing and blushing, or they may simply stand out on their own on the cheeks, nose, or elsewhere. Known as telangiectasia, they have a more common name: spider veins. The Minneapolis area’s Zel Skin & Laser Specialists offers treatments designed specifically to address spider veins, leading to clearer skin.

Each member of our dermatologist-led team is trained and experienced in working with patients as individuals. There is no “one size fits all” approach to cosmetic dermatology—even for particular conditions, like spider veins. We will tailor the treatment to your skin and goals in an effort to get the best results possible.

What Are Spider Veins?

Veins are responsible for moving blood throughout the body. Most are not visible, but thin, branching lines can appear just below the surface of the skin. These spider veins get their name from their appearance, as they often resemble intricate webbing or many-legged creatures.

There are many factors that can cause telangiectasia to develop, including medical conditions such as rosacea or varicose veins, ultraviolet radiation from sun or tanning bed exposure, aging-related changes to skin and tissues, genetics, and pregnancy. Any of these elements can cause the tiny veins to weaken, dilate, or both, making them more visible. They may be red, blue, or purple, standing out as darker lines against lightercolored skin.

Spider veins are not vital parts of a healthy circulatory system, so they can be addressed without concern of disrupting necessary blood flow.

What Spider Vein Treatments Are Available?

One option for treating spider veins—considered the “gold standard”—is sclerotherapy. This strategy involves injecting a specific chemical, known as a “sclerosing agent,” directly into the unwanted veins. The chemical irritates the vessel, causing it to close off from the rest of the system and eventually wither and collapse.

Laser treatments can accomplish much the same effect by using light to heat the red-pigmented cells in the vessel. Once the targeted veins get hot enough, they seal off and collapse.

The treated telangiectasia will gradually be absorbed by the body.

What to Expect from a Spider Vein Treatment

The duration and other specifics of spider vein treatments depend on which approach is being used, as well as other factors unique to each patient. Since sclerotherapy involves injections, patients will experience some slight “pinching” sensations common to treatments that involve needles. Lasers can feel like rubber bands snapping against the skin. In either case, the minimal discomfort is typically well tolerated and brief.

The treated area may be red and sensitive for a short time after a session, but such side effects should resolve on their own, followed by the gradual fading of the spider vein as it collapses and is absorbed.

Why Choose Zel Skin for Spider Vein Treatment?

Dermatologist Dr. Brian Zelickson leads Zel Skin & Laser Specialists, guiding the practice that stands out for its abundance of lasers and their experienced application in Minnesota. The entire team is well versed in the numerous options available, working to deliver the ideal treatment for every condition.

*Results may vary per patient. Services vary by location.