Your Skin Deserves the Best in Nourishment and Care

The aging process can affect the color, texture, and volume of our skin.  As a result, we see changes such as darker pigment and the formation of wrinkles.  Using effective and efficient skin care products provides your skin with the nourishment and care it needs.

Skin Care Products for All Skin Needs

Scientific advances have led to the development of highly effective skin care products for preventing, correcting and enhancing your skin. To see results, you need the best selection of scientifically developed skin care products. Our products include:

  • Cleansers: Remove dirt, makeup, excess oil, and environmental pollutants.
  • Toners: Remove traces of makeup and prepare your skin for correcting or enhancing skin care products.
  • Antioxidants: Vitamins such as A, C, & E fight environmental pollutants and may brighten the skin.
  • Moisturizers: Nourish, protect, and hydrate the skin.
  • Masks: Infuse the skin with moisture to relieve dryness and temporarily soften the appearance of fine lines.
  • Exfoliants/Retinols: Stimulate new cell growth, smooth texture, and soften fine lines.
  • Sunscreens: Minimize the harmful effects of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays with our cosmetically elegant and lightweight sunscreens.
  • Growth Factors/Peptides: Improve skin texture and volume with these collagen producing products.
  • Specialty Serums/Creams: Targets concerns like wrinkles, pigment, redness, acne, and dryness for a more youthful appearance.

Committed to Your Best Results

At Zel Skin & Laser Specialists, we are committed to researching and offering the finest skin care products.  We are consistently evaluating new skin care ingredients and technology to bring you the very best.  Our carefully chosen medical skin care brands include:

  • IS Clinical
  • Neo-Cutis
  • MD Complete
  • Obagi
  • Revision
  • SkinCeuticals
  • SkinMedica – Order Products Online!

We encourage you to consult with one of our estheticians to evaluate your skin and help you choose the products that are best suited for you. You may purchase our medical skin care products at our clinic or have them mailed to your home to ensure you always have the best in skin nourishment and care.

SkinMedica is part of the Brilliant Distinctions program. Enjoy exclusive savings on select Allergan™ treatments and products by earning points the day of your treatment to redeem for future visits.

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*Results may vary per patient. Services vary by location. 

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