Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks Laser Treatment

Port-wine stain birthmarks can be difficult to deal with, but birthmark treatments are becoming increasingly common. Everyone wants to stand out, but sometimes a birthmark can make you feel like you’re getting the wrong type of attention. At Zel Skin & Laser Specialists, we believe you should feel good about how you look. If that means lightening the appearance of a port-wine stain through birthmark treatments, we’re ready to help.

Many patients we see have port-wine stains (naevus flammeus), a very common type of birthmark. These reddish or purplish marks on the skin are the result of malformed blood vessels. The blood vessel deformation causes them to remain dilated, or open, all the time. Luckily, this type of mark responds very well to birthmark treatments. If a discolored spot on your body has been drawing unwanted attention, schedule a visit with your dermatologist.


What You Need to Know About Port-Wine Stains

Around 3 in 1,000 are born with this type of birthmark, making it an exceedingly common phenomenon. These marks typically appear on the face and upper body, which can make them difficult to conceal. As a person ages, the mark will typically thicken and darken, becoming more noticeable over time. The surface of a port-wine stain can become uneven and bumpy, and some may be susceptible to bleeding.

That said, if your port-wine stain birthmark bleeds frequently or easily, make an appointment with your dermatologist. This type of bleeding may be a sign of skin cancer. The best way to receive an accurate diagnosis is to receive a total body exam conducted by a licensed dermatologist, like we provide here at Zel Skin & Laser Specialists.


What to Expect at Your Birthmark Treatment

Lasers have made a huge impact on treating port-wine stains. Most of these birthmarks respond well to treatment with a pulsed dye laser. This is because these lasers can reduce blood vessels near the skin without significantly damaging the skin itself. The concentrated beam of light lightens the appearance and softens the texture of these birthmarks.

Port-wine stain birthmark treatments typically require several sessions to achieve the desired results. It is important to remember that laser treatments may not completely remove a birthmark, but they will almost always lighten the color and make the spot less noticeable. Directly after the treatment, your skin will be sensitive for a couple of days. Wear sunscreen, try to keep out of the sun, and protect the treated skin.

Why Choose Zel?

At Zel Skin & Laser Specialists, we believe your skin is too important to leave to chance. We use the most advanced laser technologies and conduct our own internal research to prove our birthmark treatments will be effective.

We are a dermatologist-owned and dermatologist-directed clinic, and we’ve invested in more laser technology than any other clinic in the Twin Cities. Our goal is to help you achieve your skin’s best appearance with a comprehensive, life-long approach to caring for your skin. If you’re interested in getting treatment for your port-wine birthmark, or if your birthmark appears suspicious in any way, make an appointment.

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*Results may vary per patient.