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Ultherapy treatment is a great option for patients with visibly ageing skin. The aging process makes the effects of gravity a bit more visible, leaving you looking older than you may feel. Mild skin sagging can be improved, non-surgically, with FDA-approved technology. Called ultherapy treatment, this procedure uses ultrasound waves to address relaxed and less buoyant skin. These acoustic sound waves are delivered deep into your skin stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, your body’s natural rejuvenating mechanisms.

Research of Ultherapy treatments has revealed that 9 of 10 treated patients demonstrated clinically significant eyebrow lifting 90 days after treatment. On average, patients treated had a 2-millimeter lift, resulting in less hooding and a more open look to the eyes. Additionally, patients reported firmer, tighter skin in other areas of the face and an overall refreshed appearance.

If you’re interested in learning about how Ultherapy skin tightening can improve your appearance, visit one of our Minneapolis-area offices today. We can talk you through the process and make recommendations based on a quick observational exam.


Ultherapy Treatment Options

Ultherapy is becoming a popular treatment option for a range of skin areas. The procedure works best on skin that traditionally sags with age, or where buoyancy is noticeably reduced. For most patients, this means the treatment will work best on the following areas:

  • The brow, specifically just above the eyelid
  • Jawline
  • Under the chin

However, Ultherapy can still work on other parts of the body. Talk to your doctor about your options.


What to Expect with an Ultherapy Treatment

An Ultherapy treatment is a non-invasive procedure. During the treatment, a medical professional will glide the ultrasound applicator over each region of your face, targeting the problem areas discussed in your consultation. The sound waves deliver small, controlled amounts of energy into the deep layers of your skin and soft tissue while sparing the upper layers. The procedure has an excellent safety profile and is well tolerated, which means patients typically feel no pain or discomfort. Our patients typically return to their normal daily routine the day after the procedure.

Where to Schedule Your Ultherapy Treatment with Zel

An Ultherapy treatment requires an experienced hand, but you will also need a medical professional who respects how cosmetic procedures alter a person’s aesthetic. Having a technician perform an Ultherapy treatment is not enough. You should work with a doctor who cares as much for your skin as you do. That’s exactly the type of treatment and health care you’ll receive with us.

Zel Skin & Laser Specialists is committed to offering only products, treatments, and procedures that have been scientifically proven to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Our nationally acclaimed skin and laser center in Minneapolis is led by Dr. Brian Zelickson, a Mayo-trained dermatologist. Our medically trained staff consist of licensed estheticians and registered nurses who care about you and your treatment results. Together, we’ll help you achieve and maintain your skin’s best appearance for a lifetime.


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*Results may vary per patient.