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miraDry featured Good Morning America

miraDry featured Good Morning America

Good Morning America ran a segment on miraDry this morning, Monday August 20, 2012. It was previewed numerous times before the segment itself ran with the teaser “miracle treatment to remove sweat for good”.  The piece highlights one of Dr. Michael Kaminer’s patients, Brianna, as she talks about how excessive sweat impacted her life and how her life has improved since undergoing the miraDry procedure.

Dr. Zelickson gives Keynote on Future Cosmetic Therapies

Dr. Zelickson gives keynote address at international medical conference on future cosmetic therapies

Dr. Brian Zelickson, medical director of Zel Skin & Laser Specialists, gave the keynote address at a recent international meeting of dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Madrid, Spain. During his presentation, he described several innovative and exciting future cosmetic therapies that may soon be available for patients. Two of the therapies are alternative methods to reducing facial lines around the eyes and forehead. The third is a possible method for reducing the appearance of the double chin.

Here’s a summary of the information Dr. Zelickson presented at the meeting:

  • Revance Therapeutics is developing a process that will change the way botulinum toxin (BT) medications like Botox and Dysport are delivered. They’ve found a way to dose medications through the skin–in other words, without injections. Early studies have shown excellent reduction in the lines around the eyes with a simple topical application of BT lasting several months. Ongoing research will determine the duration of this effect.
  • Myoscience is also looking for a way to get the “Botox effect” without Botox. They’re using cryotherapy, or cold, to temporarily reduce the nerves that contract the muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes. No drugs are needed. They’re into their clinical trials, and have shown an immediate positive effect after a single treatment lasting for several months.
  • Kythera is investigating a new approach to reducing small pockets of unwanted body fat, especially fat in the double chin. Kythera has been working on standardizing a method that uses a fat–dissolving agent injected directly into the fat of the double chin. They’ve shown excellent results with a series of four monthly injections.
    Look for FDA approval of these therapies soon–perhaps even as soon as next year for the wrinkle–reducing treatments.


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