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End-of-Summer Skin Problems and Annual Skin Checks

Who doesn’t love cramming in the last bit of outdoor activity with lighter clothes and pleasant temperatures? Here’s the thing: The extra time to get out there and sweat and absorb the sun’s rays can be great for your overall health—but it’s also a unique stressor for your skin. Especially this time of year, it’s not so much sunburns and heat exhaustion. Instead, eczema, acne, and other skin blemishes that are triggered by excessive sweating can rear their heads. Now is the last gasp for summer—and for summer skin problems. Schedule annual skin checks, or get help from one of our local dermatology clinics in Minneapolis, Edina, or Plymouth.


Updating Your Fall Wardrobe

Our clothing choices are another seasonal risk factor. Clothes with more coverage help with sunburns, but if they don’t breathe, they also trap moisture and sweat against our skin. Looking good at school or work shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing your skin health. Nevertheless, when the season changes, it’s also the time to update your wardrobe. New clothes may look great and be the right size and still rub against our skin in ways that cause it to rebel. Even those who are conscious of their skin health when sizing up new clothes aren’t immune from this type of contact dermatitis. Most of the time, these mild rashes go away on their own. Sometimes, it may require returning or donating the clothing item. Worse, if this dermatitis aggravates an underlying skin condition, it could require a trip to the dermatologist for a consultation and prescription treatment.

Annual Skin Checks for All Ages

Fall is a great time for annual skin checks for the whole family:

  • We’re far enough into the school year that your children may be bringing skin conditions home with them. It’s an active time of the year for bugs of all kinds. Not every child has a typical reaction to chicken pox. And as your child develops naturally, several different kinds of skin problems can appear.
  • There is never a good time for acne. Some people’s acne reacts more to the dry, frozen air of winter. Others have it worse in summer from sweating. Even if your blackheads haven’t reached medical-grade proportions yet, a skin check and consultation with a certified dermatologist can help you keep it that way. Review your skin care routine with a knowledgeable expert.
  • For older members of the family, this is among the most popular times for identifying troublesome skin spots. What you had assumed with a sun spot may be a sign of something more serious, especially if continues to darken or grow bigger, while other spots are fading with the sun.

Wondering what you should be doing to prepare for your annual skin exam? Check out these tips from the what is mental health(

Prepare Your Skin for Winter by Visiting our Dermatology Clinic

We’ve enjoyed a long, extended summer with temperatures plenty warm enough for swimming and other outdoor activities. Even now, moderate temperatures and sunny skies offer late summer opportunities. it also means everybody should be taking extra precautions and keeping up with their daily skin care routine. You shouldn’t ignore an unexplained skin blemish. Not at any age. But even if everything is relatively normal with your dermatological health, now is a great time to get that skin check and prepare for winter.

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