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Acne Pop-Up: What to Do About a Pesky Acne Cyst?

There are some times when you have a cyst that just… won’t… budge! Or maybe you wake up the day of a big presentation or the night before an event with a dreaded “undergrounder” that shows up as a painful, red, mounded bump.

What can be done?

The quickest way to resolve a cystic acne lesion is with an injection of steroid medication. This can be done at any of our conveniently located clinics and takes just a few moments.

What can you expect?

The area will be assessed and cleaned with alcohol. Then, a very small needle with anti-inflammatory medicine is injected directly into the cyst. You’ll leave our office moments later with a small band-aid and the knowledge that in 48-72 hours your pain and unsightly blemish will be fading away. Most often, your Provider may also suggest some washes or skincare creams to help prevent these types of lesions from popping up again.

acne cyst

Acne Cyst Pop-Up: The Undergrounders

Have you ever had a sore, slightly red bump on your skin and you know something “is in there” but it never quite comes to a head? You may be experiencing an acne cyst or nodule. Acne usually occurs as a response to a pore becoming clogged with sebum (oil), debris, dead skin and/or bacteria. As this gunk accumulates in the pore, it enlarges and sometimes can cause these painful cysts or nodules.

Cysts and nodules can occur anywhere on the body but often times we see them on the face, back, chest and even the buttocks.

So, what can you do if you are suffering from this type of acne? First stop is a visit to one of the medical providers at our clinics. We are currently accepting new patients and can accommodate office visits within one week. After a careful assessment of your skin, you may be prescribed a few different medications. Often times, for this deeper type of acne, oral medication like antibiotics or isotretinoin may be used. Frequently a combination of skin washes and creams will be prescribed.

When can you expect to see results? While acne sometimes may seem like it pops up overnight, it takes a bit longer to see results from your treatment. We always aim to offer treatment options to get rid of your acne in the fastest and safest way possible. When using a new treatment regimen we like to allow 4-6 weeks to start seeing significant results.

Are you dealing with painful, ugly acne cysts or nodules? Call our offices to get scheduled with one of our providers today. Beautiful, clear skin is just a phone call away!


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