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Acne Pop-Up: What is Accutane?

For our patients who have tried unsuccessfully to treat their acne or for those who have the most severe, painful, scarring acne our medical providers may recommend a medication called Accutane.

Accutane (Isotretinoin) is a pill form of Vitamin A, which is a naturally occurring vitamin in our bodies. This oral medicine helps cure acne by fighting it at multiple touch points that cause acne. Isotretinoin decreases excess oil products which clog the pores, it treats the bacteria P. Acnes and it reduces inflammation. Isotretinoin is an extremely effective medication in most cases.

Isotretinoin is taken by mouth, generally 1-3 pills per day for a duration of anywhere between 6 – 9 months. Some patients may finish their course of medication faster, and some may need additional months to clear their acne.

Isotretinoin & Your Dermatologist

If you and your dermatology provider decide that Isotretinoin is the right treatment for you, you will be enrolled in the iPLEDGE™ program which tracks all patients who take this medication. While on Isotretinoin you will see your provider monthly. We’ll check in with you, evaluate your progress and dispense new medication. We will ask to draw your blood at several points during your treatment. If you are a potentially childbearing female you require a monthly pregnancy test while on this medication.

While Isotretinoin is an effective and safe medication when used together with your trained dermatology provider, it does have some potential side effects. If a woman taking this medication were to become pregnant, the medication could cause birth defects or miscarriage of the pregnancy. Other potential side effects include dry skin and chapped lips, headache, irritable bowel syndrome, depression or depressive thoughts, blurry vision. If Isotretinoin is right for you, your provider will review all side effects in detail before beginning the medication.

Clear Skin Starts Now

If you have been suffering from severe acne, or acne is leaving scars or not responding to other treatments, Accutane may be an option for you. This life-changing treatment has provided clear skin for thousands upon thousands of patients. If you would like to discuss acne treatment or Accutane, our medical providers would love to help. Our goal is to help you achieve the clear skin you have been craving.

We are accepting new patients and can often accommodate your appointment within one week. Call our offices today to take the first step towards clear skin and a confident you.

Accutane treatment

Accutane for Acne Treatment

Sometimes patients come to us with very severe acne that consists of nodules, cysts, and pustules on the skin. Many times, this deep cystic type of acne has already left scars on the skin and is causing distress to the patient. Often, we will see patients with acne that has been treated for years with different oral antibiotics, topical creams, washes, and other in-office procedures, yet it still does not improve. Severe, painful acne can significantly affect your quality of life. Grades may suffer, social isolation may occur, and job performance may suffer. In cases of severe or unresponsive acne, a medication – Accutane ® (Isotretinoin) – may be a curative option.

Accutane is a pill form of Vitamin A that helps reduce oil production, inflammation, bacteria levels, and clogged pores. For many, treating acne in this way provides a curative option for the acne that has been plaguing them for years.


Accutane is a highly regulated medication. It can cause side effects such as headache, dry eyes and skin, nosebleeds, vision changes or mood changes. Women who are planning a pregnancy, currently pregnant, or breastfeeding cannot use Accutane. There is a high risk of harm to the baby. In many cases, Accutane also causes significant skin sensitivity. Excess sun exposure, facials, and skin waxing should be avoided while you are on the medication.

Most patients who complete a course of Accutane with a licensed, trained dermatology provider see results within a few months and finish the total treatment course within 6-8 months. Accutane is commonly one to two pills per day. Every month that you are on this medicine you will see your dermatology provider.

If you have been suffering from painful, severe, scarring acne or have been using prescription medications for your acne that have not been working, contact us today. Accutane may be an option for you.


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