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Schedule Your Springtime Skin Care before it’s Too Late

Whether you want a scar removed or a luxurious facial, springtime is a wonderful time for skin care. Seasonal change is an opportunity to hit the “reset” button, especially as we leave our Minnesota hibernation chambers. But if you want to plan a skin care treatment for the transition from winter to spring, you’ll want to set up your consultation soon, possibly even before the holidays are over. By holding yourself accountable and putting a date in your planner, you can get the procedure you want without feeling rushed through the planning process. Getting a jumpstart on your skin care New Year’s resolutions is as easy as making a phone call. A skin care consultation during the holidays can help you start 2020 off on the right foot.


Early Springtime Skin Care

Late winter and early spring provide an excellent opportunity for intensive skin care procedures. Exfoliating treatments, like chemical peels and microdermabrasion, are very popular in the early spring. Both physical and chemical exfoliators can help bring out the skin’s brightness, literally shedding dull, dry winter skin in the process. If you’re interested in this type of treatment, however, you don’t need to wait for winter to end. By removing old layers of skin, topical treatments, like intense winter moisturizers, are more easily absorbed into the skin, making this a wonderful time to schedule this type of treatment.

Late winter and early spring also bring short days and long, dark nights. As a result, this is a fantastic time to get more invasive skin care treatments, like laser treatments, cyst removal, and acne treatments. Typically, these treatments require patients to stay out of the sun, as the skin will be extra sensitive to light and UV radiation. This time of year is naturally dark, which can help patients stay out of the sun, expediting the healing process and reducing the risk of complications.


Navigating the Holiday Crunch

If you’re interested in a spring skin care treatment, it is better to schedule a consultation as early as possible – even before the holidays are over. December is chock-full of fun activities. Most spend time with family and celebrate the season, but the aftermath is often difficult to navigate. Between cleaning, putting away decorations, and the general post-holiday slump, you may not be as motivated to schedule the consultation. Then, many treat January as a catch-up month, rushing through missed work projects and trying to undo holiday laziness. In most cases, skin care falls by the wayside.

It can be helpful to start the consultation process before the holidays are over. While you might think planning too far in advance is unnecessary, it is helpful for both patient and doctor. Many procedures take more than a few days of planning and preparation. If you plan your consultation too close to when you want the procedure, you might not have enough time to prepare. By starting early, you ensure the ability to think through the procedure, prepare accordingly, and choose a date you want. Scheduling your consultation before or during the holidays guarantees that you will be more than ready to have your procedure in the aftermath.


Planning Your Consultation

Most of our patients like to start the new season with a fresh face. Early spring can be a busy time, especially for treatments that require more than one visit. Luckily, planning your consultation is easy. You can send us a message or schedule a virtual appointment any time. We’ll make it easy to get the skin care treatment you need.


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