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What Are the Benefits of KYBELLA® for Double Chin Fat?

Having a little extra flab under the chin can be frustrating, because the bulk can make us look older or heavier than we actually are, as well as soften facial contours we would prefer to remain distinct and defined. Nicknamed a “double chin,” this area of subcutaneous (below-the-skin) submental fat is challenging to lose because workouts can’t specifically target this pocket. Plus, many women and men are naturally prone to storing more fat here due to genetics, hormones, bone structure, and body shape. For some people, aging and gravity cause skin to lose its elasticity, with lax skin and excess fat sagging below the chin. Others may have always had a slight look of submental fullness because their chin and lower jawbone are recessed. Submental fat is also associated with the face becoming fuller due to weight gain from unhealthy dietary habits or a sedentary lifestyle. KYBELLA® injections from our Minneapolis area practice help to address this common body insecurity, no matter its cause. Here are three reasons why our team recommends the injectable:

Fat is Kicked Out for Good
Even if you lose some of your double chin fat through weight loss, there’s no guarantee that you won’t regain volume in this area in the future. This is because our fat cells don’t actually disappear when we lose weight through conventional weight loss methods. Instead, they simply shrink in size—and can expand again if we gain weight back.

Everyone has a rough set number of fat cells once they reach adulthood, and it’s difficult to control how these cells are distributed around the body. KYBELLA® injections break down some of the fat cells in the injection area. These cells are unable to grow back.

No Need for Plastic Surgery
One of the advantages of KYBELLA® is that you’ll be able to enjoy results similar to surgical procedures without having to undergo a more invasive treatment. This low-risk option takes just a few minutes to perform, and there is virtually no downtime required.

Sharper Jawline
Many people consider a chiselled jawline—or at least a slimmer lower face—to be highly attractive. As an FDA-approved injectable treatment, KYBELLA® contains a form of deoxycholic acid for breaking down fat. By using it to reduce fullness in the under-chin area, you can achieve a more sculpted and youthful-looking jawline.

Learn about more benefits of KYBELLA® from Zel Skin & Laser Specialists. Fill out a contact form or call us at 952-929-8888 (Edina), 612-338-0711 (Minneapolis), or 952-473-1286 (Plymouth) to start planning your procedure.

Is Hyperhidrosis Treatable?

Is excessive sweating getting in the way of your social and daily work life? Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes episodes of abnormal sweating on the entire body or specific areas, such as the armpits, soles of the feet, palms of the hands, and face. It may be difficult to know for sure whether the amount you sweat is considered normal or not, so understand that some of the most common symptoms are random, frequent flare-ups, soaking through clothes in a noticeable way, and challenges with making physical contact with others, gripping or holding onto objects, or engaging in common activities. You may also find yourself showering and changing clothes frequently, along with feeling self-conscious in public. Fortunately, there are effective ways of managing this condition, including miraDry®, which our Minneapolis-area team offers.

With this fast, science-backed treatment, you can significantly reduce sweat production and odor in the underarms. This is an in-office treatment that involves applying thermal energy to destroy sweat and odor glands in targeted areas.

Instead of using deodorants, look for over-the-counter antiperspirants containing aluminum salts or get a prescription for stronger ones. This is the most common way of reducing heavy sweating. Deodorants generally only offer odor protection, whereas antiperspirants will prevent both sweat and odor by blocking the sweat glands when applied to the skin. Some antiperspirants are designed for other areas of the body, such as the hands, feet, and hairline.

Botulinum Toxin
In addition to relaxing facial muscles to keep wrinkles at bay, small amounts of injectable BOTOX® can temporarily deactivate sweat glands in the underarms or other areas to prevent excessive sweating for up to four to six months or longer.

Prescription Medicines
Anticholinergic drugs are oral medicines that can be taken to temporarily inhibit sweat production all over the body. These work well for patients who have excessive facial sweating.

Natural Remedies
The most common herbal remedies used for hyperhidrosis are sage tea or sage tablets, chamomile, valerian root, St. John’s Wort, and natural vinegar. Applying witch hazel, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and salt and lime to the skin is also thought to be beneficial.

Learn more about treatments for hyperhidrosis, such as miraDry®, in the Minneapolis area from our Zel Skin & Laser Specialists team. Fill out a contact form or call us at 952-929-8888 (Edina), 612-338-0711 (Minneapolis), or 952-473-1286 (Plymouth) to start planning your procedure.

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