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comedonal acne

Acne Pop-Up: Comedones

Do you ever feel like you have big pores? Do you suffer from small bumps on your skin that simply won’t go away?

You may be suffering from comedonal acne. There are two types of acne comedones:

  1. Closed comedones. These are small bumps with a little white head from trapped oil and dead skin.
  2. Open comedones. a.k.a. blackheads. This occurs when a pore becomes clogged with oil and it remains stuck there.

Our Providers treat comedonal acne on the skin of all ages and there are many options available for treatment. Keeping the pores clear of debris is important to treat existing comedones and prevent new ones from forming.

After a careful discussion and examination of your skin by one of our providers, we’ll make recommendations to help you achieve your best looking skin. For this type of acne we can utilize treatments such as HydraFacial or chemical peels to clean out the pores and wipe the slate clean for our topical treatments to work. Often times, a medical wash with benzoyl peroxide will be recommended. However, use caution and make sure to rinse your skin well after using! Benzoyl peroxide is responsible for bleaching towels, sheets and other fabrics. A Vitamin A cream such as Retin-A may also be prescribed for its’ ability to keep dead skin from accumulating and clogging the pores.

If you know someone who has been struggling with acne or you have been dealing with it yourself, give us a call to have a consultation with one of our medical providers. We are accepting new patients and able to accommodate most appointment requests within one week!


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